Searching for K14 Turbo

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Searching for K14 Turbo

Beitrag von epowell » 12.11.2016, 18:54

The next major item on my German Shopping List (for my upcoming trip to Berlin from Czech) is a TURBO.

I now have a K24 which is WELDED TO THE EXHAUSTPIPE!!!! works fine but this welding is so silly that I have to get rid of this silliness as soon as possible :-bla

Anyhow, this is why I am looking for a K14.

I know we can find them in Germany NEW ORIGINAL BORG WARNER for 650eur, but I am hoping to spend around half of that.

I heard that in Poland there is a rebuild place that sells REBUILT K14's with original Borg Warner CHRA (center sections) for around 300eur.... this seems like a good compromise, but I can't yet find this shop :-(

Another possibility is I know that CLASSIC VW in Germany is selling brand new original KKK K24 turbos which work perfectly well for T3s, for 350euro. Partly I am tempted to go for this option because right now I have a K24 and I find it works fine. I know that for HIGH MOUNTAIN driving the K14 IS much better, but in reality, Europe does not have any really high mountains to drive on, so why would I REALLY NEED a K14? Yes yes, my long-term goal is to drive to Tibet :cafe with my Bulli >>> but when I stop fantasizing for a while I know that the reality is that my van will simply be a EUROPE VAN for a long long time before I would ever gain the confidence to take him to Asia..... so maybe a new original K24 would be the best compromise between reliability and economy? Any thoughts?

Thanks for any tips for getting a good new or used original CHRA turbo!

Harter Kern
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Re: Searching for K14 Turbo

Beitrag von Fränkie » 12.11.2016, 20:01

There is pretty good working Copies of the K14 turbos that u can buy at f.e. at Busschmiede OR Bernd Jäger's Busshop.

It's a copy of the K14 charger and a few guys in the forum use it successfully. Its around 400€.

On ebay there are some offers for around 300€ not shure about these guys, but i'm shure they would send the charger to czech republic.

Jens Brownstar
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Re: Searching for K14 Turbo

Beitrag von Jens Brownstar » 15.11.2016, 09:31

Who told you there are no high mountains in Europe? Of course it's not Tibet but 3000m height on roads is possible and in any case enough to kill all JX-engines if you beat them up.

I would stay with an original turbo size if you decide to buy a new one. Fits best of all easy possibilities.

There are many turbos in Search for "T3 Turbo JX".
Most of them are refurbished with 2 years warranty and they all want a deposit until they receive an old damaged turbo.
I don't have experience with all of them. If you want to be 100% safe, spend some more money and get your turbo from Bernd Jägers shop or any other of the well known and reliable Bus parts dealers.


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