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Beitrag von DE-T3Man » 03.09.2020, 13:57

Hello everyone! I joined up yesterday and just saw that we have this English corner, which is fantastic with me being a native speaker! I come from a automotive background, working mostly with BMWs. I joined because I am helping this German friend of mine with buying his first car which will be a T3 van. We have looked at a couple and I must say it was very exciting to sit in a VW van for the first time, there is a nostalgic nice feeling to it. :sun

We have found a good example with the petrol 100hp(?) engine. And if all works out, my friend will purchase that T3 in a week or two. It has some rust on the foot step and the seat belt area but we will repair that ourselves. The rest of typical problem areas seemed to be good and taken care of. The owner also seemed like a very honest person. I intend to help my friend with its maintenance and such and teach him a bit about cars in general.

I also intent to enhance the engine a bit and have some plans for projects in my mind. So will have some questions as I go, I will try to post them in German in the other sub forums.

So that was the little introduction, hope everyone has a good day!

Der Magnum-Fahrer
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Re: Hello!

Beitrag von Der Magnum-Fahrer » 09.09.2020, 16:08

Hello, welcome here!

If it is 100-something the van you're looking at is probably a 2.1 liter with 112 hp.
There are other variants of the 2.1 liter with 95 / 92 hp, as listed here (in German)

The 112hp is an awesome machine, the most powerful of the stock engines that were sold in Europe or the US.

Have a nice time here,


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