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Police contol

Verfasst: 28.10.2019, 14:55
von ZsZ
Hello all!

In the last weekend we visited the Bayerische Wald near the Czech border to do a bit of trekking in the autumn forest.
We were stopped by a covered police car just after Ludwigsthal and the car was thoroughly checked. They were checking manufacturing dates on interior parts beside the VIN and the engine nr. After 45mins they admitted that everything is OK with my car. They gave back our papers and left without saying goodbye.
Im curious what could be as suspicious that led to stop us? Were lot of T3 thefts there? Or just the hungarian plates were uncommon to see?

Re: Police contol

Verfasst: 28.10.2019, 15:46
von CBSnake

the German/czech boarder is a typical drug smuggle area. And VW Bus is, so many police men are thinking, the typical drug smuggle Car ;-)

They really look for the engine number? Normally they don't know were it is ;-)

Maybe they say goodbye but in a German phrase you don't understand?

I think it was the combination of your hungary plate, the car type and the area ;-) no sorry


Re: Police contol

Verfasst: 28.10.2019, 16:35
von ZsZ
Cheers Achim,

Good to know that, then I wont be suprized next time ;)
Fortunately the beers we had are not illegal. :lol:

They didn't know where is the VIN nor the engine nr. so I showed them where they are. :-bla
After that they called for help on phone if those are the correct places. :D

I didn't hear anything that could be goodbye nor my girlfriend who speaks german well and learnt to speak in Austria. :lol:
But no probs, one of the policemen was a cool guy who looked like he knew that they wont have their catch of the year. Just the other one wanted to find something with the car.

To be honest my Typenschild from the front door pillar and the paper Fahrzeugdatenträger beside the fusebox are missing and the hungarian paperwork is not the easiest to read. The date of the first registrarion is 1994 as its an imported car, and all T3s are registered as Transporter in hungary while mine is a Caravelle that I converted to a Multivan. And while the conversions are permitted, the permission notes are also written in hungarian.
In the end the guy said that is a complicated case with my car :)


Re: Police contol

Verfasst: 28.10.2019, 18:19
von neujoker
Hello Zoltan,
since Schengen agreement there is no normal control directly at the border inside EC. But due to a lot of imported drugs, especially Crystal Meth, from Czech Republic and some illegal immigration and human trafficking there is a lot of control in the area near the border.

If there was no good by from the two police men it was not a correct behavior of them. Where they from the Federal Police (Bundespolizei) or from Bayerische Grenzpolizei oder Landespolizei?

The missing Fahrzeugdatenträger has no legal Funktion. It is only for service purpose.
I do not know if it is necessary to have the type plate in Hungary in the status bevor 2004 when Hungary joined the EC.

Re: Police contol

Verfasst: 28.10.2019, 19:43
von ZsZ
Hi Joachim,
I often watch the videos of "Achtung Kontrolle" on youtube, but there is always a reason to stop the car and I thought I did something stupid.

I cannot remember which logo was on the ID card that the policeman showed to me, they were not in uniform and drove an undercover BMW M class SUV.
The more friendly policeman had a beard, wore Dickies pants and side chain. The other looked like a "common" guy :-)

I already wrote an email to the hungarian VW importer and asked if the Typenschild can be reproduced officially to avoid problems like these. I had no problems here with that plate missing, but better to have it sorted.


Re: Police contol

Verfasst: 28.10.2019, 23:26
von caravelle c
A lot of T3 which were stolen on the easter facing part of Germany go to Poland or Czech Republic, to be dismounted there. Sometimes the thefts drive with stolen number plates. That's all.